Depression and Anxiety in Marriage: Nich and Kelsey Learn to Establishing Healthy Boundaries and Communication


Nich is a 28 year old convert to the church and has been married to Kelsey for almost 2 years now. Father to the almost 1 year old Evelynn. Having dealt with depression and ADHD for most of my life but not getting diagnosed and treatment until my mid-20's caused a lot of problems that were not approached until they were deeply ingrained. Overcoming those problems while also learning marriage and fatherhood has brought the issues to the forefront where the work has been done and continues to be done.

Kelsey is a 26 year old from Provo, UT (born, raised, and still living there and an active member of the Church). She and Nich have been married just shy of two years and are the parents of an 11-month-old baby girl. She struggles with high stress and anxiety, which combined with Nich's depression and ADHD projects a steep learning curve in motherhood and wife-hood (wife-ing?). As the daughter of Dan and Julie, she has been following Dan's research and culture-changing methods for years and says "Dan may not be involved in the day-to-day of our relationship, but his ideas certainly are."

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Do you have a story to share about improving intimacy in your marriage?

I am looking for individuals and couples to interview for the "Improving Intimacy" podcast. Ideally, I would like couples to interview. But I understand scheduling can be difficult especially for those with children, so individuals are welcome to participate. This included those who are currently single/dating.

The ideal couple/individuals are those who are improving but still trying to figure it out, to those who feel they have mastered aspects of their relationship. Willing to be vulnerable, raw and explore the "messy" in the relationship. In other words, you don't have to be a "picture perfect" couple. If you feel your discovery is worth sharing and might help others, you're the right person.

Some topics I'm looking for, those who feel they have:

  1. learned how to navigate your sexual relationship.

  2. used this group to improve their marriage.

  3. learned how to navigate pornography with your spouse.

  4. learned how to navigate pornography with your children.

  5. used masturbation to improve your sexual intimacy.

  6. learned how to discuss sex, pornography and/or masturbation with children.

  7. learned how to make spouse a priority in the child raising years.

  8. overcome sexual trauma, whether that is from abuse, cultural shame, etc...

If there is a topic not listed, which you'd like to share, contact me at

If you are interested in an interview please schedule with me using the linked google calendar.