Hi, I’m Daniel

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Daniel Burgess offers in-person and online client-focused marriage and family coaching services. He believes that every individual, family, and situation is unique, and he draws on a variety of therapeutic techniques that best encourage a solution-focused outcome while utilizing the strengths of his clients. He is passionate about the work he does, and aims to keep his clients’ lives moving forward with a sense of hope and optimism.

His passion is working with couples — polyandrous families, divorcing couples, the newly married, and happy couples who want to safeguard and enrich their lives through ongoing preventive therapy. Daniel believes in building communication skills between individuals, expressing love and respect for each other while clearly defining boundaries. This extends to establishing healthy relationships with ex-spouses and solution-focused parenting of blended and two-home families.

Daniel has the ability to connect and understand those he works with, getting below the surface and to the core issues quickly. Where other therapists have failed, he has brought hope to those who have felt frustrated and depressed with their situations. There's no need to suffer endlessly in silence — therapy works. Daniel believes in treating his clients with compassion and respect, finding ways to relate to them while using their strengths to set goals, resolve struggles, and promote healing.

Daniel holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from John F. Kennedy University, as well as a B.S. in Corporate Finance. He has worked as a consultant to several high-tech firms in Silicon Valley, as well as volunteered within the community in various roles. He and his wife, Julie, are the parents of two sons and three daughters.