Reigniting the Flame with Amy and Aaron

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Reigniting the flame....when it has dimmed. Keeping it fresh and fun after decades of marriage and navigating all of the changes that occurs as we age. We had been married around 25 years and our intimate relationship had pretty much ceased to exist. We were happy and had a great relationship but there was almost no sexual intimacy. I decided we were way too young (44) to be in a sexless marriage and took steps to change it:

  1. Dialogue

  2. Subscription boxes

  3. Podcasts

  4. Joined intimacy groups on line

  5. Educated ourselves

  6. went to the doctor

  7. hormone treatment (both of us)

  8. weight loss (both of us)

  9. got vulnerable and real

  10. 30 day sex challenge

  11. scheduled sex daily

  12. we’ve have had sex 2x a day for about a year now and are more emotionally connected than ever. Navigating life is easier and we are so much more open, honest and vulnerable.

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