“Don’t Touch” — Addressing Sexual Taboos In The LDS Faith Intro

The following are selections from my forthcoming book on Latter-day Saint sexuality. This has been a very difficult post to write — not because of the subject matter (anyone who follows me knows how comfortable I am with discussing this topic), but because I have to concisely address such a deeply complicated topic: masturbation. It feels impossible to be concise without missing some necessary details, without which the topic would be overly simplified. As such, I am going to address the topic of Masturbation within the LDS faith as outlined below:

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Table of Contents: TL;DR — Summary

0. Introduction

1. Background — It Happened Again

2. Context Is Important: A Brief History Of Masturbation Beliefs Within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

3. Cultivating Versus Condemning

4. What Went Wrong?

5. A New Culture Is Born: “Doctrine and Addiction” And Returning To The 1700s

6. Purity, Modesty, And Moral Ambiguity

7. Solution: Real Self-Mastery Cultivating Sexuality

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