Come As You Are

Join us this month in reading Emily Nagoski, PhD book “Come As You Are”. Leave your impressions, thoughts and question about what you have read in the comments. We will reference the comments in our book club meet up.

Book Club Announcement

Great News!

We are starting an IIMM virtual book club!

What does this mean?

Every so often (details follow) we will pick a book to read, a date and time to meet, and then meet up via video chat group to discuss the book.

You will be given time to read the book beforehand.

What books?

We welcome your suggestions. We have been busy compiling a list of books we feel are relevant to the group. Many came from book recommendation posts in the group. Some are books that Daniel, Ellen, or Ray recommend. We will post the running list in the IIMM group page docs.

Who is leading the discussions?

It could be you!  Volunteers are welcome, especially if we are discussing a book that you feel passionate about. The first book club meeting will be lead by Ray Cox and Ellen Hersam.

Bonus! Daniel Burgess is planning to attend and participate in many of the discussions too!  

What can you do?

1. Submit book recommendations to Ray Cox directly or via the survey link provided in point four below. Please share why the book has had an impact on your life; how it has contributed to the development of your own sense of self or improved intimacy in your marriage.

2. Volunteer to lead a book club discussion.

3. Tell us which days and time-frames work better for you.

4. SURVEY: Book Club - IIMM Virtual Meet Up

What is the goal in creating this specific book club?

To gain greater insight and knowledge about sexuality and improving intimacy within marriage, through guided thought and educated discussion of great books by recognized experts.

And we want to meet you all!

Don’t miss out!

Our first book will be “Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life” by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. {affiliate account link:}